About Kanoya

Kanoya Farm Stay Portal Site "Kanoya Farm Stay" is a farm stay official website operated by Kanoya Farm Stay Promotion Council.

A farm stay is a place where you can enjoy the traditional Japanese life experience and interaction with people in rural areas in farming and fishing villages. This is a “farm and mountain fishing village trip” where you can enjoy the charm.

Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture is located in the center of the Osumi Peninsula, where nature remains abundant and traditional farming remains intense.

The Osumi Peninsula is blessed with soil and natural environment that are blessed to produce agricultural products nationwide, and boasts one of the highest quality production in Japan.
Nationally famous black pork, Japanese black beef, sweet potatoes, famous shochu, etc. are also made in the Osumi Peninsula.

Enjoy a variety of farming experiences, jam making and kale making experiences, touching rich nature, enjoying fresh vegetables and seafood from farmers and old houses, traditional dishes packed with traditional wisdom, and local dishes Please feel the charm of Kanoya.

We can accept not only family and individual trips, but also group educational trips.

I hope many people will come to Kanoya, know Kanoya, enjoy Kanoya, and like Kanoya.